Monday, September 22, 2008

Kellah Mae Sylvia Jones

On Friday I went in to see my midwife at about 2pm. She did a stretch and sweep to see if we could get things going but we scheduled me to come back in at 7pm that night to break my water since I was 5 days overdue and the baby was low enough. I went back home and Mahayla and I walked around our neighborhood about 5 times to see if we could get things going. I was starting to feel a little crampy but nothing crazy was going on so we went in to pack Mahayla's bag so she would be ready for her stay at Auntie and Shaya's house for the weekend. I did a bunch of last minute cleaning and chores and then my Mom got to my house so she could stay with Mahayla until my sister arrived. Greg got home around 6:15 so he got ready, ate some dinner and we took off.

When we got to the birth center they were lighting candles and getting the room ready. At about 7:20 they broke my water and things started moving along. I was able to work through the first part of the contractions pretty well by sitting on the exercise ball and using one of the candles as a focal point. I had put together good playlist and Greg made me some CD's so listening to the music really helped me to concentrate as well as Greg applying counter pressure on my lower back. My Mom arrived at about 8:30 and did whatever she could to help me feel comfortable. I went through those managable contractions until about 9pm then they got more intense and it was a little harder to remain calm. I stayed in that position until about 10 o'clock when I got into the jacuzzi tub. The tub felt great but I was still in some major pain. Greg was awesome coaching me through each contraction and my Mom was applying cold wash cloths to my face, neck and back depending on what position I was in. By around 10:30 I was not a happy camper and began begging for an epidural My midwife informed me that my statement probably meant that I was ready to push so I tried to do so through my next contraction but I just couldn't get into the right position so I decided to get out and got on the birthing stool.

I cannot begin to describe the kind of pain I was in at this point. I was caught between being in so much pain that I just wanted the baby out and being afraid to push because of the pain. I pushed through about 3 contractions and felt like I wasn't getting anywhere (Again, fellow mothers will understand this) but I was finally able to push her to crown and then I entered my own personal hell called "The Ring of Fire" I literally felt like the lower half of my body had spontaneously combusted...NOT fun! I promptly pushed her head out and felt a sense of relief until I was told that I still had to push her shoulders out. At this point I started yelling at everyone around me to just take her out because I could not do it. Greg kept trying to encourage me and let me know that she was right there and that she was so pretty. He was so cute....already in love with her before she was fully born! Obviously, I made it past that point and pushed her out with the next contraction. She was born at 11:16 so that was about 4 hours of labor....MUCH better than the 19 hours I had with Mahayla.

Once I delivered her they handed her right to me and she didn't make a peep as I held her. She just hung out and got used to being in a new place. I think that my midwife was a bit concerned that she wasn't making any noise but as soon as Greg cut the cord and I handed her off she let out a huge wail. I delivered the placenta then somehow made it over to the bed where I just sat absolutely zoned out for about 30 minutes. When I finally had the strength to speak and actually hold her Greg brought her over to me and she began nursing like a champ! We hung out at the birth center for about 3 hours while they checked out the baby and watched me and my Mom went and got Greg and I some food. At about 2:30 am we left and headed home. It was so great to spend our first night in our own bed with no one to bother us!

Here is our sweet girl:

Kellah Mae Sylvia Jones

Born: September 19 at 11:16 pm

Weight: 7 lbs 12.5 oz

Height: 21 inches

Monday, September 15, 2008

Not so fashionably late

It appears that our baby has decided that she is not ready to enter the world yet. My due date came and went yesterday with no sign of her arrival. I am pretty disappointed but I also know how much work these kids are once they are born so I'm trying to not let it upset me too much. I'm just going to get in some one on one time with Mahayla while I can and get some last minute stuff done around the house. My biggest concern is this baby staying healthy and I'm also hoping that she won't get TOO huge!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My bags are packed and I'm ready to go...

Well I have FOUR days left until my due date. I would love it if this baby would make an early appearance but I really just don't want to go past my due date, that would definitely not make for a happy Mama. I have been doing all sorts of nesting and Greg has painted both our bedroom and Mahayla's bedroom. Thanks to Craigs list and Freecycle I have literally spent no out of pocket money because I sold a bunch of our stuff and then got loads of stuff for free off of the two sites. Here are a few pictures of our room:

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

I still need to put some finishing touches on the walls and decor on the dressers but that can wait!

Apparently I am not the only one that is ready for this little girl to get out. She is a mover and a shaker that is for sure! You have to be a little patient there is definitely some major movement going on.

The other day I was at a friends house and we decided to straighten our girls hair. I can't believe how different Mahayla looked!

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I am trying to keep myself busy so that I don't go nuts while I'm waiting for this kid to be born. Yesterday Mahayla and I had a Mommy/Daughter date and went and got our pictures taken. You can view them here:

Access Code: 59945a75d7
PW: gregjones

One of the things that I love about delivering at a birth center is that I can bring Mahayla to the appointments and she really gets to be a part of it. I never feel like she is in the way or unwelcome. She LOVES to hear the heartbeat and talks about it all the time. I really think she is going to be a great big sister! Every morning she tells me that she loves her baby sister and she gives her kisses. She knows all about the "hospital" and that we are going there to get her sister. When I was packing my bag she asked me if it was the bag I was taking to get her sister. I have NO idea how she knew that! Here is a picture of her "helping" at my last appointment:

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Well, this should be my last post before we have the baby. Wish us luck!