Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mahayla's First Movie

I took Mahayla to her first movie in a theater today. Regal Cinemas does free movies at 10 AM on Tuesdays and Wednesday which I thought was a grand idea since I wanted to see how she did at a theater but wasn't loving the idea of paying $12 to see the movie only to walk out 10 minutes later. This was my perfect solution...if she loved it great but if not I didn't have to waste the money. The movies are not first run by any stretch but who cares?

Today we saw "Over the Hedge" and even though she has watched this movie before with her Daddy she still was totally enthralled by the whole experience. When I told her this morning that we were going to go to a movie she started running around the house screaming "MOVIE! MOVIE! MOVIE!" and wanted to leave that instant. Unfortunately she was still in her pajamas and I was not ready...Note to self: Do not tell Mahayla that we will be going to a movie until we are actually sitting in the theater....So we arrived at the theater and bought the kids meal: A small pop, pop corn and mini bag of skittles for five bucks which is an absolute steal by movie theater standards. Once we got our food we headed to the theater. All the while Mahayla was demanding to see the "MOVIE!" We got great seats and she was positively beside herself with joy once it started. There was a little cartoon before the movie that she laughed at hysterically and the same went for the movie once it started. It was so cute to look at her sitting there on her own chair munching on pop corn and holding her sippy cup. She was so excited that she kept leaning back and kissing me which is not a bad way to spend a morning in my book. She got a little distracted towards the end and started playing with the baby in the baby carrier next to us but all in all it went great, I just wish I would have gotten a picture......

Friday, June 8, 2007

Goofy Girl

First off, Mahayla LOVES Goofy so I had to use that in the title. Whenever she sees Mikey Mouse Clubhouse and Goofy comes on the screen she comes running up to me with her face scrunched up yelling "GOOOPY!!!" Anyway, I digress, this is not what the blog is about...Today is our was our last day of MOPS. I love going but it's been sort of a struggle because Mahayla was NOT loving the nursery. She would pretty much cry herself into hysterics every time I left her and I would have to go get her because she was upsetting the other kids. Not fun for mom or baby. A couple of months ago I received my saving grace because the nursery attendant started bringing her 8 year old son and Mahayla pretty much attached herself to him. Mahayla would still cry when I left her but I didn't have to go get her and when I would go pick her up little Nhamdi would be reading to her or playing with her. It was pretty dang cute. This week she walked into the nursery on her own, which was a triumph on its own, and started playing with her buddy. She even didn't cry when I left! When I went and got her she had this little crown on her head that she had made. First off I can't believe my baby is big enough to do crafts on her own but secondly...How cute is she with this silly little crown on her head? Sorry for the poor quality. I took the picture with my phone.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Chatty Cathy

Mahayla is talking up a storm these days. Literally every day she surprises me with something new. Here are some of the latest and greatest:

- Our 80 year old neighbor was walking by and M looked him and said "Thats a grandpa!" This is especially funny because we don't call any of the "grandpa's" in our life that name. My dad goes by Papa and his dad goes by Poppy.

- We were about to get on the freeway the other day and she looked at the words on a street sign, scrunched up her face quizzically and said "Is that a number?"

- These days she is loves to talk on the phone to my family. She thinks it is pretty funny to spurt out a bunch of gibberish mixed with understandable words and then say "bye bye" It goes something like this..."Youomoour ouoou door ouroesre Mama ouolerelnm wereagel Car womgoeyn BYE BYE!" Followed by hysterical laughter. Pretty funny if you ask me.